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Drone Photography Contest #001

Drone Photography Contest #001

Win SBD for your drone photo & video post!

Hello Steemians, we invite you to participate in Drone Photography Contest [Drone Photo & Video] on Steemit. Our inaugural theme for the week of 29 April 2019 – 6 May 2019 is:


Submit your best drone photo or video in this contest. Here are some examples:


  1. Each person can only follow one contest, Photo or Video.
  2. Only one photo or video per person (so include your best work).
  3. Photos or Video must be your own (original)
  4. Use #dronephotocontest as the first tag.
  5. For those who participate in photo contest use #dronephoto as the second tag.
  6. For those who join the video contest use #dronevideo as the second tag.
  7. In the title of your post, mention the week’s theme.
  8. In the post caption, you must specify the location, date of capture and type of drone used.
  9. Attach a post copy to the original contest post as a comment.
  10. Please upvote and resteem (optional) this post in order to participate in the competition.


  1. Please remember that the photo or video must be your own, otherwise, you will be disqualified for all future contests.
  2. Duration of video content up to 60 seconds.
  3. Do not forget to upvote and resteem (optional) this contest.
  4. Themes for this contest will be different each week. The time period for this contest is 7 days
  5. Deadlines are Monday 1PM Eastern Time. New Contests Launched at 2PM Eastern Time.
  6. This contest is sponsored and curated by @vuelovista


There are a total of 5 SBD prizes to be won on Content [Photos and Video] contests:
Photo Contest
Winner 1 = 1.25 SBD
Finalist 1 = 0.75 SBD
Finalist 2 = 0.50 SBD

Video Contest
Winner 1 = 1.25 SBD
Finalist 1 = 0.75 SBD
Finalist 2 = 0.50 SBD

The prize will be distributed 3 days after the winner’s announcement.
The number of prizes and values for the future can be larger depending on the progress of this contest.


@claudiaz : Photo Fun Contest & @positivexposure – Biographies & Photography
Please join our curationtrail @positivexposure and assist in uplifting the photography community.
@justenve : Curation
@clickaddict : Prize Sponsor

I would be very grateful if you photography and drone lovers can support this contest for the progress of photography through Steemit. If you wish, please contact me on Discord justenve#1285 and on Steemit chat @justenve.

Invite your friends and share this contest with everyone.
Let’s improve the development of photography, videography and specifically drone photography around the world.
Let’s Enjoy it!

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